Body Extension Kits, Workshop 2014

November 2014. Developed and hosted the 3 day workshop ‘’Body Extension Kits’’. The aim is to develop new extensions of the body. Useless, wearable, theatrical extensions. See them as costumes, masks or objects that you can wear, made out of cardboard or fabric, but that are literally connected to the the body with sensors and react to physical bodily processes like heartbeat or breath. Dynamic, moving wearables and costumes that are only there to extent our body. Nothing more.

Collectively the group of participants developed ‘Private Atmosphere’, a totally mobile self sufficient micro cosmos for individuals to survive in a very private way, but through sensors and vision technology connected to its surroundings. Paula Vitola adopted the project and continued the developed into a final work for an exhibition in the RIXC Center for New Media Culture in Riga.

Participants:  Paula Vitola, Santa France, Maija Barbare, Matīss Ločmelis, Iris van der Harst

photo by Paula Vitola
photo by RIXC
video by Paula Vitola