3D Print Survival Kit, Workshop 2013

Development and hosting of a fictional design and 3D printing workshop during the IWEEK at Art&Research Lab (MPLab) in Liepaja Latvia. An international workshop week where students and lecturers from partner Universities from across Europe come together and collaborate in short and intensive workshops in the fields of new media art and experimental sound and music.

The design challenge was to develop a survival kit that can be used within an environment or context, specified by the participants. The results where: The Ultimate Survival Kit, The Last Hope Survival Kit, and the Knuckle Tagger Survival Kit.

Participants: Lauris Galsons, Eltons Kūns, Tatiana Veselova, Kristine Kina, Santa France, Dana Rasnača, Niklavs Sekacs, Roelina Banga, Jeanine Leguit, Maaike Boonstra