Found Footage 2013

When I was working on ‘Color by Numbers’ I collected many photo’s of the dead body of Khadaffi. I noticed that that you can find a lot of photo’s taken from a different perspectives of the same position of the body. In the days that the body of Khadaffi was exposed many people came by to take pictures and keep it as a reminder or a trophy. It became somewhat a national touristic attraction.

When looking at the photo’s I started wondering wether it would be possible to extract spatial data from them in order to reconstruct the body of Khadaffi. Reconstructing it from the photo’s was difficult, so I decided to try it with a found video footage.

An attempt to extract a 3D body based on found footage.

G3D G3D2_0021 G3D2close0021 G3D2closetex0021