Color by Numbers 2012

Color by Numbers (2012) invites the spectator to play a game in order to complete the artwork. The work consists of an enlarged photo print of the dead body of Moammar al-Qadhafi, overlayed with the game ‘Paint by Numbers’. His remains where exposed to the public after he was lynched and murdered. For many Libyans taking a photo (by a mobile phone) of the dead body of Qadhafi, functioned as trophy in overcoming a decade of dictatorship, violence and repression against the Libyan people. A lot of these photo’s now wander uncontrollably over the net and are disseminated by algorithms and tags in order to appear as a image sequence in search engines such as Google image search. I isolated one of the photo’s from its medium and context and transformed it back into a tangible environment. The spectator is invited to create a colorful painting on top of the enlarged photo with PlayMais as material. This starts a process of switching perspectives and materialization, to achieve a new dialogue with the image and to metaphorically deconstruct its representation.

Photo of Qadhafi by Turkia Mahmudbeginkleinplakkenkleinplakkenklein3eindekleinlaatstestand-klein