Reconstruction of a Catastrophe 2011

Reconstruction of a Catastrophe (2011) recreates a scene that shows the moment after a catastrophic event. A narrative that describes the consequences of a destructive force. The installation exhibits a diorama (scale model) of a disaster, where the amount of dead bodies keeps on increasing throughout the exhibition period. After completing a ‘pozing-game’ the body of the spectator is scanned, and a digital 3D model of the spectator is used as a mould for a miniaturized, printed, version of one of the many remains in the miniature. The more visitors, the bigger the catastrophe.

Reconstruction of a Catastrophe researches the emotional (dis)connection with images that represent disasters and war, disseminated by the (mass) media of today. Through a process of re-mediating the physical body, the spectator is invited to question the impact of media on our notion of reality.

The installation is divided in three rooms:
The first room exhibits a diorama in a (pespex) glass case, exposed in a tradional manner on a white cube.
The second room is the workshop space where I was working troughout the exhibition period, manufacturing miniatures for the diorama.
The third room is a darkend space with the 3D scanning set-up where a 3D scan from the spectator is taken.

Winner STRP Talent Pit Jury Award, 2011

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