Hack Pro Art!

Sometimes I wish I was a hacker, but unfortunately I’m not…

A call for help to all the hackers around the globe to join the battle for art, by artistically modifying all online services directly relating to Halbe Zijlstra and his ministry.

I agree that sometimes measures have to be taken to controll government expenses by cutting down funding in almost(not the weak, unprotected and the ill) every layer of society. But the measures taken by our State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science Halbe Zijlstra to cut down funding in Culture, lack any possible vision and knowledge of the relevant developments in art and new media of the past decade. He really has no idea about the valuable and leading international position of Dutch New Media Art in the world. By cutting down all structural government funding to all renowned New Media Labs in the Netherlands, he helps destroying a young scene essential for innovation and research in the field of art, society and digital culture. Why is he choosing for this destructive strategy??? Does he really has no clue what he is doing??? What about an extensive research to the consequences of this style of cutting???