Yesterday I registered a domain name For my Thesis I like to gather all my research on one website.

For this website I wanted to use Indexhibit, but I discovered to late that my web host only uses Windows servers and that Indexhibit only works on an Apache/Linux server.

After contacting the helpdesk, they offered me some very helpful suggestions to make Indexhibit work on a Windows server.
So here it is, for everybody who likes to use Indexhibit on a Windows server.


in the file /ndxz-studio/defaults.php, change this code:

to this code:

Replace with your website adress, and make sure the Indexhibit files are installed in your www-root.


In the file ndxz-studio/lib/front.php






It is suggested to use PHP4 instead of 5, because of the CRT warnings. Normally you can change this in the settings panel of your web host. Otherwise contact your web host.

This should the job. Screenshot website.