The Tower

During the opening weekend of ForumImages, September 24,25,26, we had the opportunity to try out a next step in the development of the Tower. The tower is a generative installation fed by input and recordings of humans. It is as growing human database. Each human has his/her own unique place in the crowd, based on differences and resemblances with other humans. The more resemblances, the more attraction, and the other way around. This ongoing project is a collaboration with Frans van Hoesel. Frans is head of department for High Performance Computing and Visualization of the Rijks University of Groningen and developed the software and algorithms for visualization.

The greenscreen setup where pictures of the visitors where taken.

The interface where visitors could choose 5 to 8 words which fit the person best.

The growing crowd.

People highlighted based on resembling words. As you can see there where a lot of creative people ;).

The try out at the ForumImages was based on a first experiment with the different ingredients of 350 cocktails.

For more information see: Tower, Ruben’s Blog