Open Mind is a collaboration with Professor of Dynamical Systems Henk Broer from the RUG, and Guy Weizman Artistic Director and Choreographer of Club Guy and Roni. The project is initiated by Pavlov E-Lab. For five days we discussed various topics intersecting chaotic mathematical models such as Hénon-Heiles, the resonance of Mercury, algorithmic choreographies, sonar reflections, media art, etc.
The aim was to develop collaborative concepts to be researched and realized in future projects. Friday the 19th we presented our results and initial concepts in an empty store at the Nieuwe Ebbingesraat in Groningen. The presentation was a collection of participative experiments, a short lecture by Henk Broer, and a calculated video choreography based on the Hénon-Heiles system. It was an extraordinary, strange, chaotic, and playful happening. Thanks to Pavlov E-Lab.

Henk giving a lecture.
Kids playing the Solar Collision Game inspired by a model developed by Laskar.

Throwing plates on the frequency of the 5:2,3:2,2:1,and 1:1 resonance models.
Hénon-Heiles translated to the body of a dancer.

Video edited by Pieter van Dijken