The Opera

Yesterday we had the last play of the Opera ‘The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat’. Here are some photo’s of the preparations and the performance.Very satisfying to see the final results of the stage design combined with the light and the animations.

At first the idea was to use brain activity measurements to interact with the video. As you can see in this blog, we did some experiments with this. But finally we decided to skip this idea. Mostly because of the reason that the connection of the measurements, which are not very clear, and the supposed reaction of the image was not at all obvious.  We didn’t see a connection and/or an addition with the neurological lesion of the patient doctor P. in the story, and the way we could visualize this by measuring the brain activity of the singers. Maybe interesting for another project or experiments.

One of the ideas we integrated as a video concept, was an animated lecture about ‘visual perception’. During the play we liked to inform the public about the journey through the brain when your eyes see a certain object. In the case of doctor P. a hat. In what way do your brains compute this information?
If you are interested in this you should check this website. There you can find extensive and very well illustrated lectures about this subject.