IME the E of building a Vee-Jay Farm

Snow has a side-project which carries the name Nou & Herkauw. Freely translated in English Now & Ruminate. N&H is VJ-collective with a variable formation of designers, artists, poets and musicians. The aim of N&H is to create a audio/visual performance by starting with completely nothing and create all the content on the spot during the performance. What starts with nothing ends up into a performance made out of beats, loops, glitches, buffers, animations, errors, and more.
For the Cinekid Festival N&H is developing a worklab for kids with the age of 8 to 14. Its called the Nou&Herkauw Veejay Farm and is a combination of a playful animal farm and animation vj/dj workshop. At this moment we are executing the design of the farm. We asked Richard, Gerrald, and Willemijn to collaborate in this project. The three of them are design students from the Academy of Popculture.