Currently Nou&Herkauw is preparing 3 installations and workshops for Cinekid Amsterdam and Cinekid Groningen. A brand new version of the populair installation Mutant Me, a stereoscopic 3D animation workshop, and VR Tropolis! VR TRopolis is a virtual reality version of MyMetropolis, a workshop were you can craft you own VR game and play it with your DIY VR glasses. See you at ...


July 12, 2015

Coffee mug

WebGl test with Unity and a coffee mug. A sketch to figure out if its possible to use realtime 3D objects in for a website. The idea is to develop a generative coffee mug that continuously changes form. If you press a 'freeze' button, the user is able to download a STL file of the mug with the form of that moment. ...


April 21, 2015

Data Sets II

Reconstruction of the white cabin on the island Utoya, based on photo's I took myself when I visited the island. ...


March 23, 2014

VR Father